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ACHIEVE, a vision of the present and future

In light of the pressing challenge of climate change and the imperative to diminish carbon emissions, the global energy scenario is experiencing a profound transformation. Conventional fossil fuel-driven energy sources are yielding ground to renewable alternatives such as solar and wind power. While these renewables are pivotal for fostering a sustainable future, they pose challenges owing to their intermittent nature. The evolution of energy storage solutions is ongoing, highlighting the necessity for dependable energy generation even during periods when renewables are not accessible.


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Main Objective

Enable the reduction of pollutant gases (CO2 and NOx) from future gas turbine installations by providing a broad knowledge base and a set of validated (TRL4) solutions for stable combustion of unconventional H2 blends, i.e. with combinations of H2, NH3, (CH4), N2 and H2O.

Specific objectives

The ACHIEVE project takes a multi-faceted approach to address these challenges:

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Research & Development

Validation & Testing


Work packages

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